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Decorating Accessories For Holistic Home Decor

September 25, 2017

“Decorating Accessories are an essential part of your Living Space Transformation. Adding style to your home is easy and inexpensive with our Holistic Home Decor approach.” – Zoomy


At ZoomShack, we apply a holistic approach to home decor. We understand that many pieces must work together to contribute to a successful design. Significantly, one of the most essential pieces of the design puzzle are decorating accessories.

Basically, a decorating accessory is a curated object that you place in your home to compliment the design. By definition, decorating accessories are pieces of a whole. And of course, we want them to look cool and add a touch of personal style while doing it.

At ZoomShack we call this Holistic Home Decor.

Almost anything can be considered a decorating accessory. Objects such as vases, pottery, books, candles, throw pillows and even houseplants are some of the most popular. Feel free to let your imagination wander – possibilities are endless. If you feel like you’re lacking ideas for decorating accessories, check out this link to find dozens of online sites that offer stylish and trendy pieces for nearly every budget.

Decorating Accessories Promote Harmony In Your Living Space

Well selected decorating accessories also compliment other design features like shape, color, lines, and texture within the room.

In this blog edition, Zoomy has given you a few examples of his favorite decorating accessories. These are items that are perfect for transforming a living space instantly and contribute to Holistic Home Decor. Consider using these accessories along with the ideas in our previous blogs to take a holistic home decor approach and complete your Living Space Transformation. If you need a little warm-up, our blog on how to Visualize Like an Artist will give you some great pointers on how to get started!


image of decorating accessiories that have shape, texture and complimentary lines.

The decorating accessories in this room illustrate the beauty of complimentary shapes, lines and textures.


image of decorarting accessories from travels and family heirlooms add tons of charm

Incorporate items that you have acquired from your travels, or family heirlooms into your home decor. Handmade items like figurines and pottery celebrate different cultures and add tons of charm!


image of decorating accessories that balance the textures and colros already present in your home.

Help complete your holistic home decor by selecting the proper decorating accessories. Accessories can help balance the textures and colors that are already present in your room.


Zoomy’s Go-To Decorating Accessories 

Chess Set

If you want to instantly add a touch of class and sophistication to your space, consider featuring a nice chess set in your living room or other common area. You don’t have to be a Grandmaster to appreciate the classic beauty and symmetry of this ancient game of strategy. The simple contrasting colors of grid squares are a familiar pattern that we all recognize and instantly associate with organization and structure. Both the board and pieces come in countless shapes, sizes and colors to match any home decor theme. Chess sets made from natural materials like wood and stone add beautiful outdoorsy accents to your living space. In contrast, sets made from metal or glass compliment modern industrial and minimalist decor themes.


image of beautiful natural wood chess set

Wooden chess sets add beautiful, natural tones that bring the soothing effects of the great outdoors into your living space.


image of stylish chess set that matches interior decor theme

You can find chess sets in pretty much any style you can imagine. Find a unique set that compliments your personal style and interior decor theme.



If traveling is your thing, then maybe you should consider incorporating a globe into your home decor. A globe is a classic piece that represents much more than just a decorating accessory. It sends the message that you are a well-traveled, globally aware individual with a respect for nature and knowledge. Place your globe on a bookshelf next to some classic novels in your living room or reading area. Globes with dull, aged color schemes give a classic antique look that help contribute to a tranquil and relaxing environment. Larger standing globes would look great in an unused room corner or next to a comfortable chair or sofa. Try mixing it up from the traditional, and give your globe a custom paint job with unique and interesting colors; it’s a easy do-it-yourself project that can have huge results for your living space decor!


image of a world globe decorating accessory which adds harmony to your living space

A globe is a classic statement piece that radiates sophistication. The smooth, round shape will contrast well against hard lines and contributes to the overall harmony of the living space.


image of standing globe in bedroom

A standing globe can be placed in many different locations.


Musical Instrument

A musical instrument is one of my personal favorite home decor accessories. Showcasing an instrument in your living space decor sends a laid-back and inviting message to your guests. It shows your appreciation for art and culture, and contributes to your Holistic Home Decor. Almost any instrument will work, but it should reflect the general theme you want to convey throughout your living space. A handmade bongo drum will add great organic vibes from the leather top and natural wood on the base. A wall-mounted acoustic guitar will bring similar energy, whereas a modern electric guitar can give a space an edgy, avant-garde feel. Woodblocks, rain sticks, bells, and tambourines are other great examples of instruments that work great as decor pieces.


image of many different musical instruments as decorating accessories

Traditional handmade instruments are perfect decorating accessories. They’re fun, easy to play, and allow you the chance to appreciate the unique cultural significance they represent


image of friends holding up musical instruments

Try to collect several different instruments and invite your friends over for a creative jam session!



Everyone needs to light up their living space in the evening hours, so why not make a statement with a cool and interesting lamp? Lamps are the ultimate accessory when it comes to both style and function. There are so many options theses days that it would be almost impossible to find a lamp style that didn’t work with your decor theme. For common areas like a living room, floor lamps are a great option. These lamps should stand out and be a focal point of your living space, but be careful not to place them in a position that will obstruct the views of anyone sitting nearby. If floor space is limited, consider a couple of nice table lamps. Select lamps that have unique textures or colors to act as an accent piece in your living space, and also compliment the existing home decor.


image of table lamp and standing light that help create a relaxing atmosphere

Lamps can be a source for your primary lighting or they can act like accent lights to help achieve a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


image of floor lamp next to chair for reading

Floor lamps make great reading lights next to a chair or sofa.



Books are often an underrated accessory piece for home decor. Books are teeming with design potential, and offer layers of aesthetic value. Place a large format book of photographs, artwork, or even an atlas on your coffee table. Usually these book covers are beautifully decorated and can add instant color and balance to your living space. Books placed in common areas encourage guests to read and admire them. This can can lead to many entertaining and stimulating conversations, in addition to improving the room’s aesthetics. Try looking for old books at a thrift store or rummage sale to place on your living room bookshelf. Next, pair them with a couple to unique book-ends to hold them up and to add further aesthetic charm.


image of books used as decorating accessories on a shelf that add intellectual wisdom to your living space

Books can be decorating accessories to help fill your living space with intellectual energy and wisdom that will instantly transform it into a new place.



image of a book on a coffee table

Most people enjoy coffee table books with little to no actual reading. Choose one that is heavy on the photos and artwork.


Natural Objects

Here at ZoomShack, we want to help you to bring the positive and healing energy of the beach into your living space. One of the easiest ways to do this is to literally bring a small part of the beach and incorporate it into your room’s decor. Try featuring a few nice shells or corals in your bathroom to soften it up a bit. Place a few pieces of driftwood on a tabletop to act as a natural centerpiece. Fill some empty glass bottles or a flower vase with beach sand and place them on your bookshelf or side tables for a trendy beach-inspired accent. And remember, your natural decor accessories can come from anywhere in nature! Pinecones, river stones, crystals and other minerals, feathers, and dried plant materials all make excellent home decor accessories. Wherever your “beach” may be, bring it inside to help transform your living space instantly!


image of sea shell decorating accessories on a table near a window remind you of the beach

Decorating accessories like seashells, driftwood, corals, and sand will instantly send you back to the beach no matter where you currently reside.


image of a fishbowl filled with sand and seashells

A fishbowl filled with sand and seashells is a beautiful reminder of the beach.


When designing our interior home decor, we should attempt to follow the tried-and-true principles of design. These concepts allow us to create beautiful and balanced designs that are pleasing to our senses and to our souls. Using the idea of Holistic Home Decor, we should consider our decorating accessories as being building blocks for a greater purpose. As a result, our designs become stronger and the decor more unified. Now that you have some new ideas and examples, go out and transform your living space today!


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