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Fresh Air at the Beach Is Healthy. Bring It Home to Create Positive Vibes from Negative Ions.

February 21, 2017

“You feel great when you take a deep breath of fresh air at the beach. It’s not your imagination, science has got your back! Bring that wonderful feeling home with you – here’s how” – Zoomy


three friends at the beach sitting in the water enjoying the fresh air

Breathe deep! The fresh air is invigorating!


Our ZoomShack team loves to head to the beach to breathe in super-charged fresh air. The fresh air at the beach is rich in negative ions and makes us feel great so we’re there as much as possible. We bet you want to do that too, even if your “beach” is the mountains, the lake or the dessert.

Fresh Air Is Important In The Winter Germ-Breeding Season

Alas, in these last dregs of winter, our health can suffer when we spend more time inside our abodes. Air becomes stale and germs plus bacteria can proliferate, compromising the well-being we feel when we’re outside in nature.

Even if you’ve streamlined your living space with a Living Space Transformation, you may still be suffering from the winter blahs. Incorporating appealing wall colors that echo the vibe you feel in nature is a Living Space Upper. But breathing stagnant indoor pollutants brings your energy down and can make you feel sluggish and dull. You need that rush of fresh air to feel better.

Harmful air quality can stack up in our living environment in layers:

  • mold (closets & bathrooms)
  • harmful odors (expired or caustic cleaning products)
  • air-borne allergens (dust mites)
  • dirt (dusty heating vents and fans)
  • toxins (from gas fumes that come wafting in from the street)
  • even dander (from our beloved pets


image of traditional chemical laden cleaning supply bottles

Fresh air enemy – traditional cleaning supplies

Air Purifiers to the Rescue

In the July 2016 Huffington Post article, The Surprising Benefits of Air Purifiers, author Janet Miller writes if you have allergies and particularly pets, vacuuming isn’t enough to remove irritants.

She states: “You will need a decent air purifier for pets.” She recommends the Alen T500 SB Pure HEPA Tower Air to eliminate pet allergens from your home.

“The Alen T500 uses HEPA (High-Efficiency Particular Air) filtration that quickly purifies and freshens the room air and relieves itchy stinging eyes for allergy sufferers,” says Miller.

“The HEPA system cleans the air in as little as two hours after using the air purifier in any room through the use of four filters to clean and return clear air,” continues Miller.  “This unit can be moved around safely in its carry bag.”


 Different Air Purifiers for Different Situations


image of woman sneezing from pet odors and hair suspended in the air

Fresh air challenge – pet odors and hair

Dust Mites

For dust mites, which live in sheets and bedding and are known to cause skin allergies, Miller recommends the AeraMax 200 Air Purifier for Allergies and Odors.

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars from 26 reviews listed on, it is described as a powerful air purifier that covers rooms up to 1,100 square feet and comes in 14 panel colors with a lifetime warranty.

The Amazon description states that the unit removes 99.97% of common pollutants using a HEPA Antimicrobial filter system, and a carbon filter, eliminating airborne pollens and dust particles. The unit has been rated and approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America for use to reduce asthma attacks.

Smoke and Pet Odors

image of man waring dust mask holding a cat in the air to illustrate pet contaminents

You can have fresh air and your pets too!

We love our pets! We wouldn’t live without them. You can have your pet and fresh air too! Consider what your specific goal is before buying an air purifier. A HEPA air purifier with charcoal might be effective for dealing with dust and pet hair, but you might need a different style of air purifier to remove odors from meal preparations or smoking.

Smoke particles are small. They can be as little as .01 microns. If smell from smokers is the bane of your existence, check that the purifier you’re considering can handle extra small particles.

Ionic type air cleaners that are able to collect small particles and also produce clean-smelling air that reduce smoky odors might be your best option.

While ionic style air cleaners are not capable of filtering a large volume of air, they are effective and reasonably-priced alternatives for smaller areas where you want fresh smelling air.

Top Pick

Which air purifying system should you choose?

It pays to do your research. Be specific in what kinds of solutions you’re seeking.

The  Alen BreatheSmart was selected as the best air purifier 2016 by Air Purifier Reviews, a leading home appliances blog. The web site,, also chose the Alen as their top pick in February, 2017, describing the purifier as a “…beast of a machine (which) stood out in our air purifier reviews. It has a 1,100 sf coverage area, does not emit ozone, works its charm well and comes with a lifetime warranty.”

It is Energy Star Certified (105 watts on highest speed), 120V power supply; use with adapter or converter outside.

Fresh Air the Natural Way – House Plants

You don’t have to rely on machines to purify the air in your home. Plants provide a natural way to create a healthy home breathing atmosphere.

Indoor plants are powerful air filters that can rid the room of harmful chemical substances (VOCs) such at formaldehyde. Read about seven indoor plants that you’ll want to have in your home in this article on the web site You’ll be surprised at which specific pollutant each plant targets and removes.



image of smiling woman breathing fresh air

Breathe fresh air like you’re at the beach!


We hope you incorporate our air purifier ideas to improve the air quality in your living space. Feeling like you’re getting “Back to The Beach” when you’re in your own home is uplifting and rejuvenating. Especially when it’s not quite warm enough yet to enjoy the outdoors!

Stay tuned for our next blog post when we’ll share some effective essential oil blends for combating winter respiratory challenges.

Till then, take a deep breath – beach weather is just around the corner!

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