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Furniture Solutions for Small Living Spaces

June 18, 2017

“Furniture hacks can transform your living space into different configurations for a lot of different purposes. Here’s some cool decorating ideas to make your living space awesome.” – Zoomy



Lack of space for your furniture is a real challenge for everyone who lives in a small condo or apartment. And often, there’s just not enough room for all the things you might like to use when decorating.

If you prefer an uncluttered livingspace, our last blog post, Create A Multi-Purpose Area In Your Small Livingspace  shows a valuable space-saving tip.

In it, we suggest using an area rug to define the space in front of your bed or couch. It can transform Presto Change-o, into anything from an indoor picnic area to a private yoga studio.

Convertible Furniture

Before we take a look at actual furniture pieces, let’s discuss a few techniques to make your small space appear larger. The first step is something that we always dread thinking about… de-cluttering. Let’s face it, most of us have too much stuff that we don’t even need. I’m not hating on your high school soccer trophies or your VHS collection, but more often than not, they have to go. Deciding what is really necessary and letting go of the non-essentials can be very liberating. And it can free up tons of space in your small area.

In small urban apartments and studios, we may not have room for all of our tables, chairs, beds and other furniture that we would have in a larger home. When space is at a premium, it really makes sense to have items in your living space serve multiple purposes. By investing in multi-use furniture, we get the comfort and utility of a larger home, without sacrificing valuable living space.

Choosing furniture that doesn’t take much room is a good place to begin when decorating. If it can do double duty, all the better!

The transformable coffee tables below featured on the web site, are ingenious and suit different design tastes.


image of furniture showing an expandable coffee table on a rug defining a space on the floor with some decorating items on top

Convertible coffee table furniture – it transforms into a dining table


The Mascotte table, seen above and below, from Calligaris, is simple to adjust and has wheels that make it easy to move. It fits in with modern furniture decor without overwhelming with its lines.

Incorporating an ingenious decorating device, the table can convert from a standard coffee table size to dining table height, expanding your dining and entertaining possibilities.


image of coffee table expanded into a dining table with decorations on top

Viola! – the coffee table expands to a dining table. A furniture solution.

Furniture Solution – A New Take On A Traditional Design

The space-saving Gateleg Table below is a type of expanding table that was first used in England in the 16th century. The table top has a fixed section with hinges and “flaps” which lift and lock in place to provide more table surface area.

This interpretation by Ikea, boosts a flavor of Scandinavian furniture, with drawers added for flatware and napkins and seats four comfortably.


image of a white kitchen table that expands with drawers and storage space

Expandable kitchen table furniture is versatile and functional

Space Saving Entry Bench

The entryway to your place is often a magnet for junk and clutter. If you think you don’t have enough space for a bench, this Murphy Entry Bench, available at Pottery Barn , might change your mind!

Storage is always at a premium in a small livingspace. This 34″ wide seat made of dried mango wood hosts two cubbies that are perfect for storing shoes and school books.

The legs are removable and have adjustable levelers to help keep the seat steady on an uneven floor surface. It is BPA and lead-free and easy to clean.



image of wooden entry way bench with lots of storage space

Murphy bench entrance way furniture makes storage space easily accessible


Speaking of storage – the answer to book storage in a small living space is to go vertical. What you don’t have in horizontal wall space you can make up with in a vertical shelving unit.

The modular design of this Sawyer Mocha Leaning Bookcase from Crate&Barrel means  you can combine a single unit with two or more to create a group bookcase. Or stand it alone in the corner of your bedroom.


image of free standing book rack furniture with decorating items placed on it

Versatile furniture can make decorating fun and easy

Decorating With Space Saving Furniture

These DYI Floating Shelves are from A Beautiful Mess, a company focused on the creative lifestyle. They lift your eyes up to give an illusion of more space. And they  give smaller keepsakes a place to land without cluttering horizontal desk surfaces.


image of corner shelves that attach to walls easily

Floating shelves make corner space very useful


Another great use of vertical space is to hang your lamps from the ceiling. Pendent lamps free up valuable real estate on the ground where a floor lamp would normally go, and can add great deal of aesthetic value. There are many DIY kits available to safely install these yourself (without needing a degree in electrical engineering).

This versatile Leighton Wall Lamp and Adjustable Sconce  below slides up and down. Angle it where you need the light most. When you’re done, simply fold it up. It’s  the perfect space saving light fixture for a small living space.


image of wall mounted lamp that adjusts up, down and out

Space saving wall lamp slides up, down and out for adjustment

Lamp from


Don’t be intimidated by the challenge of living in a small space! If you properly employ the principles of decorating with multi-use furniture, you can get the feeling of a larger space on a much smaller budget.

Simplify your life and transform your living space today!


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