Frida's Beach Bones

Helpful interior design tips Frida dug up for your Living Space Transformation

image of zoomshack on beach as interior design headquarters with zoomy and frida outside

Your Living Space Transformation Is The Awesome Interior Design Solution.


“Being at the beach has a lot of healthy benefits and is a ton of fun! Fresh air is one of those good things. Read our new blog post here to learn how to bring the freshness of the beach home with you!” – Zoomy

“Choose your colors carefully. They will have a huge impact on the way your living space feels to you. Make your interior design color choices the easy way with the Free Zoomshack Color Palette Generator “- Frida

“Beachicity is the essence of the beach. The colors, the smells, the feel of the sand in your toes, the warm sun and gentle breeze all contribute to the feeling of well-being. You can put the essence of those wonderful feelings in your home with a Living Space Transformation.” – Frida

“The fabulous fragrance of the fresh sea breeze combined with the sound of the waves coming ashore is one of those signature benefits of the tropical beach. You can use music and essential oils in your interior design choices in your home to Get Back to the Beach.” – Frida