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Holistic Home Decor For Your Ultimate Living Space

March 12, 2019


The Beach Is  Where It Started

The origins of our ZoomShack Blog and our philosophy of Holistic Home Decor are firmly rooted in the beach and beach living. We are inspired by the fresh tropical breeze, the energy of the sun, the sensual texture of the sand and the invigorating embrace of sea water. They triggered our desire to share what we’ve learned about these healthful benefits of beach life to help you make your living space more healthy and enjoyable.

holistic [home decor]| hōˈlistik | adjective characterized by the inclusion of the physical, emotional and spiritual elements that define one’s personal tastes into the decor of their living space. – Zoomy’s Beach Dictionary


Beautiful aerial view of tripical beach and water. Learn how to add this beauty to your home


Express Yourself Holistically In Your Living Space

Your living space is fundamental to your well being. It’s where you start and end each day.  The ultimate goal of home decor is to create a space that expresses your personal taste and looks and feels attractive. Holistic Home Decor goes above and beyond this, allowing you to customize your living experience in ways traditional home decor can’t match. 


A Millennial’s Approach To Holistic Home Decor

More and more, millennial’s want their living space to reflect their sense of self. An increasing number live in apartments  where the space and resources to express their personalities may be limited. Using Holistic Home Decor strategies help solve this problem.


“Having a lot of space isn’t always better.  More important is what you have in it and how it’s arranged. You can create a living space that supports and nurtures your well being.” – Zoomy


Holistic Home Decor Puts You In Charge Of Your Living Space

The term holistic is thrown around a lot these days, but what does it actually mean? Simply put, holism is a philosophy that considers complex systems as a connected series of individual parts. Identifying the unique parts and how they interact is necessary to understand the system.

This same holistic approach of looking at how individual parts relate to the whole can be applied when decorating your living space. At the Zoomshack, we’ve carefully examined traditional home decor concepts and re-imagined them to include physical, emotional, and spiritual elements. Holistic Home Decor takes your living space to a higher level of comfort and joy.


imager of plants, simple furniture and organization are part of Holistic Home Decor

Simplicity and natural beauty are part of Holistic Home Decor. Photo of hard to kill plants from Stuckonyou.


Feel Great & Stimulate All Of Your Senses

Traditionally, the focus in home decor is on visual design principles of color, scale, proportion, contrast and unity.

You may not even notice your space is lacking essential ingredients relating to your other senses.  Holistic Home Decor embraces and celebrates all of our senses, including texture, aroma, sound, and even taste, resulting in a more satisfying living experience.  


image of pillows from Pottery Barn illustrating Holistic Home Decor textures

The texture of pillows from Pottery Barn add richness to Holistic Home Decor.


image of eucalyptus plant in a beautiful vase to stimulate the sense of smell

A eucalyptus plant stimulates the sense of smell and is a natural part of Holistic Home Decor. The vase is from Design Hunter.


More Ways to Stimulate Your Senses

Check out these Zoomshack blog posts to read about incorporating other senses in your design plan.

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Sound: Sound Is Key To Enhance Your Living Space.



Holistic Home Decor includes sound as a design element

Sound is an element often overlooked in traditional Home Decor.


Including elements that stimulate all of the senses allow you to fully express who you are in your  living space. Additionally, with a multi-sensual experience,  you can obtain levels of harmony and relaxation in your home that are not possible with traditional design practices.   

These techniques don’t need to break the bank either. Holistic Home Decor makes use of simple and inexpensive techniques that appeal to the Millennial sensibility that not only is less more. Less is often better.



Holistic Home Decor stimulates your senses of taste and color

Stimulate your sense of taste with a bowl of bright oranges.


Improve Your Well Being With Holistic Home Decor

Aside from looking fantastic, a holistically designed home can actually improve your physical and emotional health. By providing a soothing, uncluttered, integrated environment, you can comfortably unwind after a stressful day and improve the quality of your rest and sleep.

It’s no surprise that the Marie Kondo Netflix series “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” is so popular. Her method of organization helps develop your personal aesthetic through the elimination of unnecessary objects and the organization of curated items. 

At the ZoomShack, we similarly believe you can dramatically improve your outlook on life with a Living Space Transformation.

Read our blog post, “Your Living Space Transformation Part 3” about transforming your space with less clutter

Not convinced? Read up on environmental psychology.


Holistic Home Decor is evident in this photo

Example of a room designed using the  Holistic Home Decor concept of scent.


Holistic Home Decor Is Inspiring

The healthy elements of holistic home decor help improve your psychological health and lower your stress levels. Coming home to a holistically decorated space promotes creative inspiration and a sense of well-being. In addition, it jump starts motivation to identify and improve things that allow you to enjoy your life more. 

We give you step by step guidance and online tools like our Color Palette Generator and Paint Estimator to make transforming your space easy and simple.

We invite you to transform your living space and recharge your energy with Holistic Home Decor tips from previous blogs so you can thrive in a Holistic environment that reflects your own personal essence.

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