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Holistic Home Decorations for the Holidays

December 14, 2018

Holistic Home Decorations are the natural way to put the holiday spirit in your living space. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to decorate the Holistic way and make you and your guests feel great! – Zoomy



image of dried fruit strung on a string near a Christmas tree.

Holistic Home Decorations of dried fruit garland and home made bird seed-encrusted pinecones.


Holistic Home Decorations Are Naturally Beautiful

Bring Nature Indoors for a Scent-Sational Holiday!

Nothing welcomes guests into your home during the holidays more than spicy natural aromas as they enter. Here are some easy and effective ways to incorporate scents that soothe holiday stress and invigorate the senses:


1. Create a bubbling potpourri on your stove with pine needles. Or blend an aromatic combination of oranges, cinnamon, star anise, and cloves.  


image of large pan filled with water and cinnamon sticks, cloves and orange slices.

This Holistic Home stove top brew of fruit & spices smells delicious.


For the pine potpourri: break fresh pine needles and eucalyptus leaves in half to release their oils. (Use gloves to prevent staining your fingers from the sap).

Place in a medium pan, along with with dried or fresh rosemary sprigs. Pour distilled or bottled water sufficiently to cover. 

Bring to a simmer on the stove, making sure there’s enough water to keep the leaves submerged. After one hour, your place should smell like an alpine hillside! 

This plant combination is said to offer the added plus of opening congested airways to breathe more freely.


2.  Place pinecones enhanced with essential oils in trays or bowls around your living space.


image of a tray filled with delicious smelling pine-cones, cinnamon sticks and holiday greens

Spray pine cones with your favorite woodsy essential oil blend to bring the forest indoors.

Gather pine cones from a park or a florist shop. Spray with pure, high-grade essential cinnamon and/or clove oil. Place in a mesh vegetable bag or old pillowcase, and leave overnight. 

The next day, repeat the oil application and leave for one more night. The porousness of the pine cones will absorb the oils effectively, making them a perfect vehicle for scent distribution.

Simply arrange in areas that receive a lot of traffic and get ready for compliments.

(Take care when handling cinnamon oil. Avoid dermal contact, as oil can be irritating to the skin.)

 To read more about the use of essential oils to clean or enhance your home, please check out our Blog Post Essential Oil Blends To Enhance Your Living Space.


3. Holistic Home Decorations – Hang a sweet smelling garland.


image of Holistic Home Decorations stars created from orange peels strung on a natural fiber string

A beautiful Holistic Home decoration – an orange star garland to enhance your living space.

Oranges have traditionally been enjoyed during the holidays. In the past they were difficult to obtain during the cool winter months. Therefore they were it was considered an exotic extravagance during the end of the year. 

Today, citrus produce is available year round. However oranges can still enliven your living space with delightful color and scent, with little cost and just a bit of effort.

To Make a Garland: Carefully peel a navel orange, removing the outer peel from the fruit pulp. Flatten under heavy cooking pans overnight. The next day, cut festive stars out of the orange rind with sharp scissors or a knife. Allow stars an extra day to dry in a warm, dry place.

Use a hole-punch at the end of each dried orange star. With a large needle and thick thread, string together the orange stars. Intersperse with dried apple slices or cranberries if desired. Hang around a window frame, mirror, or on the wall in your kitchen to add a fragrant and attractive accent to your space.


More Ideas for Holiday Holistic Home Decorations

Filling your living space with rich aromas is delightful. Also decorating your living space with elements from nature is another way to welcome your holiday guests. Here are some holistic decorating ideas to get you and your visitors into the holiday spirit.

​4. Create Natural Holistic Home Decorations For Your Tree.


image of Holistic Home Decorations decorative pine-cones and edible tree decorations- nuts and baked goodies

Dried fruit and nuts are traditional Christmas tree decorations.


Re-purpose fruit lingering around the kitchen into either a garland or ornaments for your tree. You can cut citrus fruit such as oranges, lemons, grapefruit into thin slices and bake in your oven on a low setting. String them onto ribbon, or twine and hang above the fireplace or onto the tree itself.

Decorate the outside areas of your home with edible ornaments for the neighborhood wildlife. Similarly Birdseed ornaments are fun to make, and are a sweet treat for your furry and feathered friends during the holidays. Use cookie cutters to give your ornaments a festive shape and use bright twine to hang them from the branches. Edible garlands can also be made by threading grapes and other  fruits onto strings.

5. Use Greenery & Plant Foliage To Dress Up Your Holiday Gifts.


image of a Holistic Home Decorations gift wrapped box using an evergreen sprig and pine-cone instead of a bow

Holistic Home Decoration with pinecones or foliage enhances your gift wrapping.


Let nature be your inspiration! Spruce up your Christmas gifts by attaching ​cuttings of evergreen foliage with the string or twine. Likewise, dried flowers and herbs will lend a sweet fragrance and elegant personal touch. 


6. Re-purpose Paper Or Fabric For Your Gifts.


image showing Holistic Home Decorations gift carton with recycled ribbon and paper

Replace artificial bows and ribbons with recycled card board and twine.


Recycling Is Part Of Our Holistic Home Approach

Outdated road maps, old comic books, and sheet music are creative sources for wrapping paper. Furthermore, using corrugated cardboard for your gift tags reduces the amount of waste going into the recycling bin. 

Holistic home decoration is a chance for you to express your inner creativity by using recyclable and responsible products. Even more useful, they can be composted and also provide nourishment for the wildlife in your neighborhood.

Most noteworthy, utilizing holistic home decorating principles allows us to celebrate the spirit of the season, while giving back to the environment. Consequently it’s a win-win to move us into the New Year. 

Enjoy the Health Benefits Of Holistic Home Decorating

It may seem like simplifying our lives is impossible during the holidays.  However, enriching your living space with the natural fragrances of cinnamon, pine, and citrus fruit will relax you and ease holiday stress.

Likewise, by taking the time to include outdoor activities, like skating or walks in the park, we can enhance our well-being and truly enjoy the essence of the season. 

We at ZoomShack wish you an peaceful end of the year, and a healthy start to the New Year!


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