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Houseplants Add Life To Your Living Space Decor

July 20, 2017


“Houseplants are a natural solution to inexpensive home decor. Here’s 6 easy to take care of plants that will remind you of the beach” – Zoomy


Do you feel like your living space is missing something? Do you want to bring new life and energy into your home, but can’t afford costly furniture or a lengthy renovation? Many times the solution can be as simple as adding a few houseplants to your living space. Houseplants add beautiful colors and textures to your room that instantly transform it to a welcoming and relaxing environment.



Image of sitting girl with her eyes covered so she can sense the different placements of the houseplants.

Experiment with different combinations and placements of the plants to find your own unique style. Its easy to move your houseplants around the living space to change the style and flow of the decor.


image of two beautiful pots with a color that compliments the houseplant

Select pots that compliment the flower and leaf colors, as well as the texture effects they bring to your living space.


Houseplants Help You Get Back To The Beach

Do you want to bring some of the essence of the beach into your living space? These plants originate in tropical climates, so it’s a cheap and easy way for you to bring beach flora into your home!

Six Easy To Grow Houseplants

In this post we’ve compiled a list of the six most popular, stylish, and easy to grow houseplants that will transform your living space instantly. These plants and many others are easily available at your local florist, greenhouse, or the garden section of your big-box retailer.

Add Color To Your Decor

1.) Spider Plant

The spider plant, or airplane plant, would make a great addition to almost any living space. One of the most versatile houseplants, the spider plant has almost endless potential for home decor use. Medium to large sized plants look great in plant stands along the wall or in the corner. Smaller spider plants make excellent accent pieces on counter tops or end tables.

Mount a plant hanger to your wall, or drive a screw hook in your ceiling to hang a basket planted with spider plant. Their tolerance to humidity and low light means that these plants look great even in bathrooms!


image of a spider plant with the offshoots you can clip and grow elsewhere

Spider plants produce miniature clones on vines. Clip them off and plant them, or keep them attached for an added textural effect.


image of a beautiful white with gold spider plant flower

Spider plants’ smooth, grass-like leaves add instant depth and texture. In time it will develop delicate white flowers that contrast beautifully with the leaves.


2.) Portulaca/Rose Moss

Portulaca species are tough and colorful plants that thrive in harsh conditions. Rose moss flowers come in pink, orange, white, and yellow varieties, while the fleshy leaves come in shades of deep green with hues of red and violet. They are perfect for an outdoor living space like a deck or patio that could use a little life. These little guys also look great on a coffee table in a sunny living room.


image of a potted rose moss plant with blooms

The red hues and texture of rose moss leaves look great even without flowers blooming.


Add Texture To Your Decor

3.) Pothos

Pothos is a super versatile houseplant that looks great in almost any living space. Its beautiful smooth leaves come in solid or striped varieties, and it can thrive in areas with very little sunlight.

Pothos is a vine that can add a great vertical accent to a wall or corner. Try placing it on a corner shelf with indirect light to get a spilling effect as the vine grows. When you think your pothos vine is getting a little too long, cut it off 6-8 inches from the newest growth. Put the cut vine into a glass of water and use as a centerpiece for your dining table!


image of a Pothos plant in a glass jar growing beautifully

Pothos cuttings can survive and even thrive in a glass of water!


4.) Ficus/Weeping fig

The beloved weeping fig tree is a wonderful addition to any room. It adds the peaceful, calming energy of the forest and instantly breathes life into a dull, tired living space. Its height makes it an impressive focal piece for living rooms and other open spaces. Place it next to a comfortable chair or sofa to create a relaxing reading area.


image of a tall potted Ficus tree placed in a corner to save space

Zoomy Tip: Place large ficus trees in the corner to maximize your limited floor space.


image of small potted fig trees sitting on a sunny window sill

Smaller weeping fig trees make wonderful houseplants and look great on a window sill.


5.) Sansivieria/Snake Plant

This very popular houseplant is a blue ribbon winner on all levels. Its height effect and small space requirements make it perfect for an unused corner begging for a fresh look. The snake plant’s undulating leaves contrast well against sharp lines, and help smooth the transition from two different areas of the living space.


image of a potted snake plant placed in a beautiful tall crystal vase looks very classy

Placing your potted snake plant inside of a larger glass container is a trendy way to show off your new greenery.


Add A Houseplant That Has Natural Healing Ability

6.) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is probably most famous for its burn-relieving qualities, but might be a little underrated for its versatility in home decor. The thick, fleshy leaves grow up and outward in beautiful spikes that add a unique and interesting texture wherever you place it. Smaller aloes make great table-top plants; place it next to a book on your coffee table for an interesting conversation piece.


image of several Aloe plants in terracotta pots.

Aloe loves terracotta! It helps keep the roots at their proper moisture level and the soft red colors contrast beautifully with the aloe’s soft grey-greens.


Houseplants Are A Source For Relaxation

Indoor gardening can reduce stress and bring many hours to enjoyment to the amateur gardener, and teaches valuable lessons like patience and attention to detail. Watching your plants grow and contribute to the beauty of your living space gives you a sense of pride, and can help inspire further living space transformations.

With a fun trip to the garden store and a little planning, you will soon be experiencing all the joy that these beach-living plants can add to your room through a Living Space Transformation!


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