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Inspiration From A Living Space Transformation Expert

November 28, 2016

“Inspiration is a key element of a successful Living Space Transformation. My Pinterest posts are a great place to rev up your inspiration!” – Zoomy

We had the pleasure of sharing  Kansas City area graphic designer Melodie W.’s amazing Living Space Transformation of her master bedroom in our previous blog post, Trilogy Of Transformation – The Interview.

We’re tapping her again to ask her to describe how she used Pinterest, suggestions from our ZoomShack spokesperson Zoomy, and other Living Space Transformation tools to inspire her to recreate her sleeping space into a zone of comfort, ease and repose – for the day and night!

Use Pinterest To Jump Start Your Inspiration

image of the ZoomShack Pinterest board showing imapes for inspiration

Get inspiration from the Zoomshack Pinterest posts

ZoomShack: In creating your Pinterest board for your Living Space Transformation, what was the most important point of inspiration for you?

Melodie: Zoomy inspired me to bring beach-ic-i-ty, what we love about the beach, into our room. Pinterest is a great place to find imagery of beaches and interior design and see those images side by side. This helped me determine the look that I wanted for my living space transformation.

Colorize For Inspiration And Capture Beach-ic-i-ty

image of beautiful beach for inspiration

Beach-ic-i-ty Is the Essence of the Beach – Colors, Textures & Emotions. Use them for inspiration!

Talk about how important color was to you in the makeover of your master bedroom.

I knew from the start that I would incorporate some blues and greens into the room but I also wanted the clean refreshing look of white walls and trim. Going from a dark brown to white made the room look much larger than it really is. Adding the blues to the ceiling inset created an interesting focal point and highlighted the beautiful ceiling fan we added. I coordinated every item in this room and I would say color was the most important part of the transformation.

What was your intention in your makeover?

To create a tropical retreat for my husband and I. We both love relaxing on the beach and I wanted to bring in some of those natural elements to our room.

What theme did you work with?

Our style is pretty eclectic. We have a collection of furniture and art that has been handed down from family and I wanted to incorporate some of it. I wanted a tropical look and feel with a few Mediterranean accents.

Choose Your Inspiration Colors

Melodie's Inspiration Color Swatches

Melodie’s Inspiration Color Swatches


What colors did you use?

I used Rust Oleum’s Lagoon on the new headboard, Behr’s Night Blooming Jasmine on the walls, Tahitian Sky & Beachside Drive for the ceiling inset and Ultra Pure White on the trim, crown molding and doors.

Where did you find the most valuable resources for color? For Décor? For accent pieces?

As far as color goes, paint chips and samples were the way to go for me. I tried all the colors out on the wall before I bought any paint. With a few exceptions, I repurposed all the décor from our home. We bought the nightstands from At Home and found the dresser on Facebook at my favorite consignment shop.

Inspiration Is Found In The Details

After LST: A Room Full of Inspiration And A Bright, Relaxing Oasis!

After LST: A Room Full of Inspiration And A Bright, Relaxing Oasis!

How did the Pinterest board help you to refine your ideas and choices?

Pinterest was very helpful in coordinating everything. I had a place to view all of my choices alongside my inspiration images and it kept me on target. As I narrowed down my choices I could delete the pins of the items I had decided against.

How long did it take you to put your Pinterest board together?

Well, it was a work in progress for the duration of the transformation. It took a month to plan and complete the entire room.

Can you share some of your best resources, or links?

I used the Behr website and color previewer to help choose coordinating colors.

I also found a useful guide to prepping your room before painting at: Family Handyman’s website.

Inspiration Takeaways

How valuable was it to eliminate items you no longer needed from the space?

Extremely valuable, I love the simplicity of this room now. It’s very peaceful and calming and much easier to keep clean.

Any suggestions you would give to someone who wanted to use Pinterest to help gather ideas for a Living Space Transformation?

Don’t be afraid to dream big!

Another benefit of using Pinterest is that you can have absolutely anything and if it turns out to not fit in with your design, or is too costly, you can try something different. There’s tons of information out there to help you make some of the higher end items even on a budget. For example, I loved the upholstered headboard in my first inspiration image as well as the glass block wall in my second image but both were too pricey for my budget. I made the headboard for under $50 and I love it!

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