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Your Living Space Transformation Part 1: Visualize Like an Artist

January 8, 2017

“Your living space has a huge impact on your well-being. A Living Space Transformation will transform your home into a charging station for your mind and body! Follow the suggestions in this first of a three-part series to learn how to think like an artist and decorate like a pro.”  – Zoomy

We’ve entered the New Year, and with it, a natural desire to create an improved version of one’s self.

Skip the New Year’s Resolution to lose five pounds, and commit to making your living space awesome! Our ZoomShack team has assembled the following four-part guide to help you think like an artist and design the most creative and appealing Living Space Transformation possible in the New Year!

your living space transformation will make you feel better

The New Year is an excellent time for your Living Space Transformation!

Spend Time Alone

Artists muse, ponder, and contemplate the world around them. They revere their alone time and so should you!

To clearly see what you want to change in your living space, spend some time alone in the space so you can accurately asses what you want to change.

Take inventory. Without self-judgment, notice the lighting, window treatments, and floor space. Look under the bed. Don’t get overwhelmed; you’re simply looking at what’s there.

Grab a notebook. Let’s call it your Vision Book; a place to capture ideas about how you want to re-design your living space.

Look around. What’s not working for you in the space?

  • The colors?
  • The amount of stuff you have that you’re not really using?
  • The lack of effective organization of your things?
Give some careful thought to plan your transformation

Spend Time Visualizing your Livings Space Transformation!

Is the space giving you what you crave? No? Transform It!

Are you hankering for a spot to curl up comfortably with a good book?

Do you desire a clear uncluttered area in which to write?

Does the ability to get in and out of your closet quickly to snag what you need and run really appeal to you?

Ask yourself what’s driving you crazy about the space and what improvements you want to incorporate. Understanding what you don’t like and what new things you’d like to do in the space will help you devise a better plan.

Bright colors in your transformation can brighten up your spirit!

Your Living Space should be a Place to Re-Energize!

Visualize An Energizing Living Space

Improving your living space is not just about getting new curtains. It’s more like manifesting from the inside-out.

You’ve probably identified what things you don’t like any more in your living space, but why don’t you like them? Sometimes it’s not that there’s something wrong with the stuff in your place (although you may have too much of it). It’s more likely that your current Energy doesn’t match your surroundings any longer.

It’s the Chicken and the Egg sort of thing: Does the fact that you don’t like how your space looks have more to do with the space and the items in it, or that fact that your energy has changed and doesn’t fit the old vibe any longer?

Feel Your Current Space

  • Set a timer for five minutes. Close your eyes, and let yourself feel the vibration of the space as it is right now. Give yourself some time with this.
  • Open to a page in your Vision Book and write three words that describe how the space makes you feel. (Heavy, compressed, and lethargic are some possible responses.)

Visualize Your Transformed Space

  • Next, do this Vigorous Breathing Exercise – it will help you get your circulation and energy up and open your neural circuits to more connections and synapses so you can better visualize how you might like to redesign your living space.

Inhale and Push your arms straight up overhead. Exhale bend your elbows and bring your arms down with your hands ending close to your shoulders. Do it over and over for one minute. (Stop if you feel light-headed).

  • Then walk around the room. Or jog in place. Do jumping jacks. Sing a song. Do anything that will help keep your heart rate up and the blood flowing!
  • Sit back down and imagine how you would Feel if your space lit you up and renewed your spirit.
  • Write down three words that capture the feeling you want the transformed space to give you. Would you feel open and energized? Or nurtured and calmed by your revamped space? What colors do you see?

Gather Information For Your Transformation

Use new textures, colors and ideas for your transformation

Collect ideas for your Living Space Transformation

Artists scribble, doodle, take notes, shoot photos, cut out fabric swatches, examine things close up, from a distance, and from different angles.

After you’ve done your space visualizations, start gathering data like an artist – from many sources, with random abandon.

Start carrying your Vision Book with you to jot down in-the-moment ideas. Use a folder or extra large zip lock bag to toss in flyers, brochures, paint samples, and pages from magazines that catch you attention.

Organize folders on your computer or tablet to gather digital data.

Although this part of artistic process is messy, seemingly disorganized, and all over the map, stay tuned –  next week,  the creative team at will share resources to get your Artist Mojo Going and bring balance to your discoveries!

We’ll leave you with designer Garr Reynolds’ description of a whole brain thinker from his blog, Presentation Zen:

“Sharpen your vision & curiosity and learn from the lessons around you… Humans are natural pattern seekers; be mindful of this skill in yourself and in others. Design is a “whole brain” process. You are creative, practical, rational, analytic, empathetic, and passionate. Foster these aptitudes.

Until then, be Outrageous!

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