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Introducing Zoomy’s Living Space Transformation Blog

July 26, 2016


Living Space Transformation brings the essence of the beach into your space, so you Get Back to the Beach every time you come home!


Your living space is very important to the quality of your physical, emotional and mental health. No matter where you live – in a house, condo, apartment or room, the environment you come home to every day has a lasting effect on your psyche – good or bad. Regardless of how your place looks at the moment, you can take control and create a space that makes you feel good. I call it a Living Space Transformation (LST).

This blog is all about sharing information to help you transform your space into a place you love. And how to get it done quickly and easily.  And when you finish your Living Space Transformation, you can enjoy the benefits of the beach every time you come home.

Zoomy, Frida and the ZoomShack

ZoomShack is a magical place where Zoomy & Frida live. It can conjure up ideas to make your Living Space Transformation fabulous!

Please allow me to introduce myself – (thanks Mick for that great intro line!) I’m Zoomy, and here’s my bio as told by a world famous author (so he says), after a beach-side interview over some tacos and cervezas.

“Zoomy was born in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, to a Mexican mother and an American father. She was a classical musician and he a theoretical physicist. He grew up in Amsterdam, New York and Hong Kong and spent his time tinkering with electronics. He eventually became a hacker with a heart, a software Robin Hood. He tired of that and became an inventor. Lured by the cool vibe in Playa del Carmen he returned and moved into the ZoomShack.”

What the writer forgot to mention, is my talking beach dog, Frida! She’s goes with me everywhere. Some think she’s where I come up with all my great ideas, but she is, after all, just an animated 3D character. Well, so am I, but together, our aim is to provide our readers with tips, tools, short cuts and hacks to make your living space feel better. So You feel better.

Living Space Transformation

Enjoy the healthy benefits of the beach with a Living Space Transformation

When you live at the beach like I do, you realize how much your environment impacts your well being. This realization evolved into a philosophy of action that I call a Living Space Transformation. It’s a simple belief that if you improve your indoor environment, your life becomes better.

The core of doing a Living Space Transformation is the Trilogy of Transformation.  Frida and I, along with the ZoomShack team, will help you make great choices on how to colorize your space, organize your stuff, and maximize what you have left into a pleasing landscape of  tranquility and beauty

Get Back To The Beach

Get Back to the Beach people!

I meet a lot of people on the beach in Playa del Carmen. It’s an eclectic group. There are many languages spoken but one common language is a smile. The beach is an equalizer. In swim suits, the obvious is revealed – we’re all the same. Color and age don’t matter. All people have a similar desire to enjoy living, be free, and have the opportunity to make their lives better.

The beach also exposes another fact – people are affected by their surroundings. You feel better when you can breathe fresh sea air deeply, embrace the warm sunshine and listen to the sound of the surf. I call that, beach-ic-ity.

Even if you don’t live by a beach, and your favorite place is a lake or the mountains, Frida and I would like to help you create that beach-ic-ity feeling of well being wherever you live. We’ll curate relevant web sites, blogs, and books to bring you the best ideas in home decor, space saving design suggestions, environmentally friendly products, health tips, and unique products of style and beauty that won’t break your budget, so you can Get Back to the Beach, wherever that is!

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