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Your Living Space Transformation Part 2: Find Your Creativity

January 15, 2017

“Welcome to Part 2 in our Four-Part series on How to Visualize Like an Artist to design your dream living space. We’ll show you where to look for inspiration to supercharge your creativity so you can make your living space awesome! – Zoomy

In Part 1, the ZoomShack Team shared ways to analyze your living space to see what you want to change, eliminate, or revise to better suit  your tastes and current way of being. We also gave visualizations to stimulate your creativity, and encouraged your artist within to start collecting a plethora of images to use in your creative design process.

Get Your Artist Mojo Going to Create a Great Living Space

Creativity streams through different sources. Compiling a file of visual images to use in your design plan is invaluable. Use them to create a Pinterest Board to gather your ideas on one place.

image of a Pinterst post to illustrate a source for improving your living space

Gather your Living Space Transformation Ideas on a Pinterest Board for quick reference.


Creative Stimuli Can Come From Anywhere

Our ZoomShack website has some great resources to get your creative juices going. Check out our Pinterest Boards here and our Twitter account.
Also find useful tips in some of our previous blog posts: Trilogy Of Transformation – The Interview, and Inspiration From A Living Space Transformation Expert.

Expand your Ways of Interacting with the World

Many artists explore ideas via the Internet, but they also seek stimuli  in natural settings and from various other art forms.

image of the night sky showing many stars to illustrate a source of inspiration to improve your living space

Let Nature Inspire Your Imagination
Photo by

Go on Artist Treks

  • Go for a walk without a destination in mind. Explore. Use your smart phone to take photos. Be generous; if it attracts your attention, it goes into your design folder!

Spend Time in Nature

  • Spend some time in nature.  Notice the colors in the sky, in plants (even if it’s cold where you are), and the landscape.
  • Visit a flower shop or arboretum. Notice how you feel when you’re next to flowering plants. More photos here! What colors attract you?

image of a building, flower and grass on a sidewalk to illustrate color and texture for your living space

Get inspiration for your living space from nature and architecture

Stimulate Your Senses

  • Wander through art galleries and art museums. Let your eye lead you to artists, shapes, and periods of art that you resonate with. What color combinations in paintings appeal to you? If you don’t have access to museums, or wish to access a greater range of art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, NY, offers art publications from their collections that you can view on line and upload for free. You can also view a virtual tour of museum’s collections via this link.
  • Similarity, check out the colors of towels, dishes, and bedspreads in the home goods section of a good department or specialty store to try out combinations you’re considering for your makeover. Run your hand over rugs and place mats to feel their textures.
  • Listen to music out of your normal listening choices. It’s easy to do with online radio stations. Music can lead you down some interesting design paths. (African Music can beget Moroccan Desert textile patterns!)
  • Seek rich aromatic input from whole bean coffee shops, hand made soaps and essential oils, fresh ground spices, and even a handful of earth!
  • Taste the darkest chocolate you can find, the brightest orange in the fruit bin, an exotic vegetable you’ve never tried before. Sparking your creativity is all about stimulating your senses in new ways!
image of a colorful building with interesting architecture and unbrellas on the roof to illustrate ideas for your living space

Architecture can stimulate your Creative Fire.

To summarize – thinking like an artist involves nourishing your imagination by absorbing the New; noticing shapes, details, and color combinations wherever you go, curating music, expanding your taste sensations to develop a richer sense-library to draw from in redesigning your living space.

Next week, tune back in for: How to Streamline Your Dream Living Space – Less is More.

Until then, remember the more you let art seep into your awareness, the more your life becomes art!

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