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Create A Multi-Purpose Area In Your Small Livingspace

May 17, 2017

“A small livingspace can be your headquarters for a fun and healthy life. Here’s some creative ideas!” – Zoomy


Apartment living can be challenging. You need to be clever to find enough space to do all the things you’d like to do in a small livingspace.

No mater how tight your quarters, you have options however. If you have a clear, 4’x6’ spot in front of your couch or bed, you can transform it into a multi-purpose area to give you benefits of a much larger living space.

Use An Area Rug To Define Your Multi-Purpose Space

image of two rugs for a small living space

These patterned rugs are $69 from


A rug enables you to see the boundaries of your multi-use space. We’re talking about an area rug here, not wall-to-wall carpeting. (Although you could put an area rug on top of one for this design purpose.)

Ideally, your rug should be both comfortable and durable. It should look good, but be able to absorb some creative activism on your part!

Choose an area rug with a pattern to take the focus off your small livingspace. Your eye will be drawn to the rug when you enter the room, not to the room’s dimensions.

To expand your creative thinking muscles, read about how to Visualize Like an Artist in our previous ZoomShack blog post.


A Multi-Purpose Landing Pad for Creativity

Like a magic carpet that can whisk you off to far-away lands, your multi-purpose area is an open invitation to express your creativity in a small livingspace.

You could use your multi-purpose area to: have a picnic; swing from a hammock; color or draw a picture; use as an auxiliary office; do yoga; work out; lounge and read a book; play cards; work on a jigsaw puzzle; play board games with friends; or even host a tea party!

When it comes to choosing what to do in your multi-purpose space, the only limit is your imagination!


Color Your Way to Bliss in Your Small Livingspace

Even if you’re not an artist, sometimes nothing is as relaxing as moving around some colored pencils or charcoal sticks on a piece of paper or a coloring book.   The rapidly growing trend of adult coloring books,  is a great tactic for relieving stress,  being in-the-moment, and, generally, having fun!


image of adult coloring book to help lower your stress

Have fun with adult coloring books while lowering your stress in your small livingspace


image of a group of colored pencils to illustrate use in a small livingspace

Draw on the right side of your brain


image of several colored pencils on a heart print background in a small livingspace

Coloring opens up your creativity


Relax and Replenish

When you have time off, it’s rejuvenating to simply not do very much of anything. Puzzles, reading and swinging in a hammock are some of our favorite ZoomShack options  with which to wind down after a long day.


image of many colorful puzzle pieces in a small livingspace

Calm your active work mind with puzzle solving in your small livingspace!

image of a portion of a colorful hammock foer your small livingspace

Hang a hammock with wall hooks to create an instant beach vibe to kick back and chill in your small livingspace

image of a cup of hot tea and a snack on a saucer sitting on top of an open book

Relax with a good book or journal while imbibing a nice hot drink

Enjoy a Big Game Night in Your Small Livingspace

Remember those old board games that you used to play as a kid? They’re still out there and they’re still fun!

Getting together with friends doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Host a Game Night and ask friends to bring their favorite game to share, along with some easy-to-make fruit drinks in a pitcher.

image of a chess board, scrabble pieces and a tik,tak,toe game

Invite friends to play board games!


image of a monopoly board

Game night is not complete without a round of Monopoly!


Get Physically Active in your Small Livingspace!

When your mind is fatigued and you don’t feel like being creative, using your muscles can put you on the fast track for physical well being.

You don’t need to go to the gym to get physically fit either. Throw a few yoga mats on the rug and you’ve got yourself a private yoga studio.

Want to build muscles? It doesn’t take much room to stash a few hand weights or exercise bands. Before you know it, you’ll be making gains in no time.


image of a young man in exercise cloths doing a pushup

Make big gains in a small livingspace


image of a lady in a yoga pose

Concentrate on your own form in your private yoga space


Your Multi-use Space Can Double as a Dining Room

Even if you have a designated dining area in your small livingspace, it’s a nice change to mix it up when you have company over. Invite your foodie friends over for cocktails, a picnic, or dessert and hone your entertaining skills.


image of a selection of fresh vegetables on a plastic picnic plate

An indoor picnic is a perfect match for movie night



image of a lemon water drink with mint in a mason jar

Tasty Beekeeper’s Balm Cocktail, from For more refreshing drink recipes, check out our blog post “Cool Beach Cocktails to Quench Your Thirst”



image of fresh lettuce, brussell sprouts and other greens and flowers

Host a tea party! Decor by One Kings Lane.

We would love it if you would share your ideas on how you would use your multi-purpose area in your small livingspace!

Please share your photos and examples on our ZoomShack Facebook Page. And our ZoomShack Pinterest Page has a lot of great ideas to draw from as well.


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