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Natural Cleaning Products Help You Breathe Easy

April 17, 2017

“You love the natural essences of the beach – the fresh air, the sand in your toes and the vibrant colors, right? So why not take some of that back home with you? Especially the healthy fresh air fragrances!” – Zoomy

Add The Essence Of  The Beach To Your Living Space

image of a kiteboarder in the natural beach environment

Clean fresh air is healthy


The team loves going to the beach. And we love bringing the benefits of the beach back home.

We love the sun, the water, the warmth, but especially breathing the fresh breeze at the sea.  It oxygenates our brains, clarifies our thoughts, and relaxes us from the inside-out!

Even if your “beach” is the mountains or the forests, there’s nothing as rejuvenating as breathing clean air.

You love outdoor activities, and how they make you feel. Why should you compromise your well being when you go inside? ZoomShack blog posts contain ideas to replicate the healthy attributes of nature inside your living space.

Out Goes The Bad Air, In Goes The Good Air

image of a natural flower with pollen in the air

Spring pollen is a natural occurrence but it triggers allergic reactions.


In our last blog post, we presented several types of home air purifiers. They help to alleviate breathing challenges like pet dander and dust, so you can breathe easier in your home. Even if  your living space is relatively clear of odors, fumes from cleaning supplies can produce an unpleasant scent.

Furthermore, spring is often filled with unexpected weather that brings its own health challenges. One day, flowers are pushing out of the soil, the next moment, the forecast calls for snow and you’re outside pushing a snow shovel!

So if your nose is stuffy from a late winter cold, seasonal allergies that have hit you hard, or you have musty bedroom corners needing a good shine, consider trying the following natural cleaning recipes to make your living space smell great and help you breathe fully and deeply.

Quick and Effective Natural Cleaning Solutions

You don’t have to invest in a lot of exotic products to start making the switch from chemical cleaning agents to natural products. You can begin with simple solutions from natural  products commonly found at home.

Vinegar mixed with water is a traditional cleaning combination that your grandmother probably used. You too can effectively employ it to clean a wide range of surfaces in your apartment or house.

image of a spray bottle to dispense natural cleaning products

Use spray bottles for your natural cleaning products.


Everyday Cleaner

  • 2 cups white vinegar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon natural *non-castile dish soap, (such as Seventh Generation Dish Soap)
  • 25 drops lemon essential oil
  • 20 drops melaleuca essential oil

Combine ingredients and place in a quart-sized spray bottle. Shake to combine. Spray on kitchen counters, cabinets, bathroom sinks, toilets, and windows, and wipe down to dry.

*(It’s best not to use a castile soap as the acid from the vinegar will mix with the soap, resulting in a filmy residue.)


Minty Glass And Mirror Cleaner

  • 3 cups distilled water
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol or vodka
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 20 drops peppermint essential oil

Combine all ingredients in a quart-sized spray bottle. Shake to combine, then spray on mirrors, windows, or stainless steel. Wipe off with old newspaper or paper towels for a smudge-free shine.

image of natural essential oil bottles and flowers

Natural essential oils can help you breathe better.


Essential Oils for Respiration Ease

Once your living space is spic and span, make your living space smell delicious.

David Crow, a noted master herbalist says the five top essential oils for respiration are spruce, pine, fir, eucalyptus, and juniper.  He is also owner of Floracopeia botanical products store and featured presenter for the Shift Network courses on Ayurvedic Aromatherapy and Medicinal Plants.

One of the quickest routes to opening up your breathing pathways is by inhaling essential oils. Place one or two drops of pure essential oil on the palms of your hands, rub your hands briskly together, then turn your open palms towards your face and inhale deeply. (Take care that you don’t touch your face around the eye area with your hands if they have oil on them.)

The vapors from the oil enter the sinus passages and can help you breathe more fully and easily.

In addition to directly inhaling the oils, Crow also suggests using an aromatic diffuser that you can run at night to help keep the air in your home pure, and smelling good.

Essential Oils For Healthy Benefits

Combine a few drops of your chosen essential oil to the diffuser with the appropriate amount of purified water for your machine. The oils and moisture will help you breathe restfully throughout the night. In the morning, you can use energizing oils such as lemon or Bergamot to uplift your mood and get you pepped up for the day.

Plants Are Natures Drug Store

image of beautiful purple flowrs in a natural setting

Traditional natural remedies come from plants


Perhaps you don’t want to buy a diffuser because  you  just eliminated items and streamlined your space . Then go Old School and heat some purified water in a pan and pour into a glass bowl. Next, sprinkle with 4-5 drops of essential oil and then place your face near the bowl. Wrap a towel loosely around your head and the bowl to create a tent-like structure to let the steam rise up in your nostrils.

It’s an instant fix for blocked nasal passages!

Source Your Essential Oils From Reliable Companies

Be careful to protect your eyes and make sure that the oils you use are from a reputable company which uses certified products without fillers or substitutes.

Companies which offer therapeutic grade oils are: Floracopeia, Young Living Essential Oil, or doTERRA.

Aromatherapy In Your Bathroom

Along the same DYI lines: shake a few drops of essential oil on the floor of your shower and run hot water for a minute with the bathroom door closed. Voila – the trapped  steam creates your own personal aromatherapy steam spa chamber! Rosemary and Lavender are an excellent mix and less is more, if  you’re using high quality oils!

If you’d like to learn more about using essential oils, check out Crow’s  free written guide to using essential oils, and his excellent four-part video series: An Introduction to Essential Oils.


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