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Outdoor Living Spaces

April 4, 2018

“Outdoor Living Spaces are awesome but not always available in smaller apartments, condos or homes. Here’s some tips on how to bring the outdoors, indoors!” – Zoomy

Outdoor Living Spaces – Inside And Out

A living space is defined by much more than what lies between the walls. Outdoor areas around the home greatly influence our quality of life, and contribute to the energies we experience within. Zoomshack’s Holistic Home Decor approach encourages transforming these outdoor living spaces to maximize the benefits they bring to you and your home.

Some of us are lucky enough to already have a special outside living space (backyard, patio, deck, balcony, etc.) as part of our home. For those who don’t, there are still numerous ways to transform part of your indoor space to give that same feeling. At Zoomshack we believe it’s possible to bring the calming vibes of the beach to any part of the living space, inside or out. Let Zoomshack show you how with a few simple tips!


image of two ladies conversing in a beautiful outdoor living spaces patio

Outdoor Living Space Furniture

It seems obvious, but furniture is a must-have for outdoor living spaces. If you wish to utilize your outdoor space to its maximum potential, you will need furniture to relax and enjoy it with. Chairs, tables, and chaise lounges are common, but there are tons of other options. Shipping pallets are super versatile and make great DIY furniture projects. Stack a few of them up and pair with some trendy throw pillows for an inexpensive outdoor couch. Hammocks are a comfortable addition that are perfect for some afternoon reading or a much deserved siesta. Also, hammocks are easy to take down and store when not in use. They function just as well outdoors as they do indoors, so they’re a great space-saving option in cramped living quarters.


image of soft colorful pillows on re-purposed shipping pallets

There are tons of DIY furniture options for your outdoor living spaces. Re-purposed shipping pallets are cool and versatile!


image of person relaxing on an indoor hammock to replicate outdoor living spaces

Hammocks bring relaxing beach vibes wherever they are placed, even indoors!


 Lighting Adds Beauty And Drama To Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor spaces can be enjoyed any time of the day, but some of the best times are after the sun has gone down. Therefore, it is often necessary to add some additional lighting. Solar lamps are a great option for lighting up your space and going green at the same time. Solar lamps charge in the sun by day and let out soft light in the evening. These lamps are affordable, portable, easily maintained, and come in a variety of designs. String/rope lights are another trendy way to brighten up your living space. You don’t have to pack those lights away after you take your holiday decorations down; they look equally fantastic on a tree in the summer months. Hang them up over your patio or living room to bring some festive lighting year-round.


image of solar powered lights with an artificial rock housing

Portable solar lamps are perfect for setting the mood to your outdoor living spaces.


image of palm trees at night with string lights

String up lights between trees or posts. You can also wrap them around balcony railings for some fresh accent lighting.


Herb And Flower Planter Boxes

Flowers and plants instantly give the feel of being out in nature, even if you are limited inside in a city apartment. For a cramped studio without a deck or patio, designate a wall with a window to act as your new “outdoor living space”. Hanging baskets with trailing vines, paired with a small planter box of herbs will thrive indoors. It’s not quite the same as a backyard garden, but with a little imagination you’ll feel like you’ve got your own little outdoor paradise. For a list of beautiful and easy to maintain houseplants, check out our previous blog House Plants Add Life To Your Living Space Decor.


image of beautiful flowers in planter box on outside of apartment window

Planter boxes add living beauty, just like nature does, to your apartment.


image of two beautiful windows with multiple planter boxes visible inside when shutters are open

A multitude of planter boxes adds beauty and life to this city apartment.


Decor Accessories Are Easy Additions To Outdoor Living Spaces

A well-chosen decorating accessory can enhance your outdoor space, or make your indoor space feel more natural. Look for pieces made from natural materials like stone, wood, or other plant materials. Terracotta flower pots make great accent pieces and keep your potted plants healthier and better hydrated. Outdoor rugs and cushions will add soft, comfortable textures that greatly increase the livability of your deck or patio. Candles and lanterns are another Zoomshack go-to for simple home decor accents. Don’t forget, you can always throw a outdoor inspired accessory inside to enhance your home decor! Get more ideas in our blog Decorating Accessories For Holistic Home Decor.


image of cheerful accessories like butterfly, ceramic frog and turtle and brightly colored flower pots


image of bamboo wind chimes hanging on a porch

Wind chimes add beauty and calming sounds to outdoor living spaces.


Decor Accessories For Your Pet – Share Your Outdoor Love

Our pets love the outdoors just like we do! Although it’s not always possible to allow them outside, we can still give our pets the benefits that come with it. Consider buying your cat a window perch. Your kitty can safely enjoy the views and nap away from any neighborhood dangers. For dogs, consider this elevated sleeping platform. It’s elevated to allow air to pass underneath them as they rest, and will cool them off throughout the “dog days” of summer.


image of two cats enjoying a window perch that gives outside visibility

This window perch gives your cat an outdoor experience from the comfort and safety of the home.


image of two dogs on sleeping perch with smile on their face

Your dogs will love spending time outside with you on their new sleeping platform.


Vinyl Wall Decal – Bring Outdoor Living Spaces Inside

If your home doesn’t have access to an outdoor space, consider creating a substitute by using a vinyl wall decal. Vinyl wall decals are like wallpaper, but superior in many ways. These decals can easily be removed and re-applied in a matter of minutes without the need for adhesives. Consider a wall decal of your favorite natural scene (beach, ski slope, desert, forest, etc.) A simple picture of a beach or favorite landscape can almost transport you there, or at least bring that natural energy into the home. You can find out more about vinyl wall decals here.



Most people would agree that spending time in natural spaces increases the quality of our lives. The sights, sounds, smells and textures of nature reconnect us with a deeper level of our humanity; a level where the modern stresses of everyday life seem to almost drift away like a receding tide at the beach.

At Zoomshack we want to help you Get Back To The Beach, wherever that may be for you. We believe that it IS possible to change your life for the better, and you can start today by transforming your living space. A few simple changes around your home can have a huge impact on your physical and emotional well-being, and the Zoomshack team can help show you how to get it done!


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