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Six Great Tips to Organize A Successful Weekend Getaway!

September 27, 2016

 “Check out these fool proof ways to organize a weekend trip to Get Back to the Beach. ” – Zoomy

You have great hopes for getting away for the weekend. But organization eludes you. One errand after another piles up during the week and you just can’t seem to get out the door after work on Friday. How can you transform your life so you can be where you really want to be?

Beautiful tropical beach with palm trees and crystal clear Caribbean water

“If you organize and plan, you can get here quicker!” – Zoomy

Organize, Plan and Go

If you don’t want to let another weekend default to Netflix and pizza delivery, use these six tips to fast track yourself into weekend fun.

  1. Get a jump on your day. Do as many of your morning’s activities as possible before you go to bed the night before. Set your clothes out. Prepare coffee or tea, using a timer if possible, so you wake up to the welcoming scent of your morning brew. Think you don’t have time for breakfast?  Start your day full throttle with these delicious Make-Ahead Breakfasts by Faith Durand, executive editor of the cooking blog, The Kitchn and author of the James Beard Award-winning The Kitchn CookbookGet more organizing tips in the ZoomShack blog post: Enjoy Beach Benefits In A Living Space Transformation.
  1. Set the alarm 20 minutes earlier than normal. Use the extra cushion of time to relax and center yourself before diving into your day.  Take five deep breaths.Then take five more, envisioning how your upcoming getaway will make you feel.  (Leave your cell phone in another room!)


Check your Checklist

  1. Make a trip checklist early in the week.  Refer to it to confirm reservations, obtain maps and directions, determine your route, and check for any potential traffic detours or weather delays. Save web links on your cell phone. Organize documents in extra large, two-gallon zip-lock bags. (Use a thick black permanent magic marker to label contents of the bags for quick identification when you’re on the road.)
  1. Assign tasks. Traveling with amigos or meeting up at a destination point? Divide tasks and things you need to bring so no one is left with doing it all, (especially you!) Make a private Facebook Group to easily share information. Crosscheck the list with your friends. There’s nothing worse than getting stranded without bug spray or enough bottled water (or beer)!

    Leave your suticase open to toss in things as you think about them

    “Leave a suitcase open – toss in things as you go!” – Zoomy

  1. Stage items. Place things that you’ll need for your trip in key locations around your home during the week before your getaway. An open suitcase on the floor invites you to toss in clothes as they’re ready. Always keep a toiletry bag prepared so all you have to do is grab it and go. Remember to refill tubes and bottles when you return so you’re ready to accept unexpected spontaneous invitations!
  1. If you’re going on a road trip, check the tires and fluids in your car two days before your trip.  Locate the spare tire and  tire jack. Empty the trunk to make room for travel gear.

Organizing pays off with less stress and more fun!

People at a tropical beach having fun

Success – “back to the beach, where you really want to be!” – Zoomy

By creating an overall plan, tackling tasks each day, and giving yourself  more time in the morning to focus and relax, you can lower your stress, transform your life and Get Back to the Beach or wherever you recharge, easier and faster.

Please share your trip organization tips on Zoomy’s ZoomShack Facebook Page, so we can All Get Back to the Beach, faster, and more often!

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