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Sound Is Key To Enhance Your Living Space

February 12, 2018

Sound is critical to perceiving tranquility and well-being in your living space. Sound can be prominent as in music or subtle as in reducing noise clutter. Here’s some tips on both and lots more! – Zoomy


Soft breezes, breaking waves and chill tunes are sounds you can always hear in Zoomy’s living space on the beach in Playa del Carmen. These sounds have become part of the home decor, and contribute to the relaxed vibes that are experienced within. We at ZoomShack recognize the critical role that sounds play within a living space, and have applied it to our Holistic Home Decor approach.

Sounds Influence Emotions in the Living Space

Modern science suggests that sounds can have a significant effect on our emotional well-being. Most of us would probably agree with this, because we experience these emotional responses on a daily basis. Since sounds have the ability to influence us emotionally, it makes sense to feature positive, relaxing sounds within our living spaces.


image of a beautiful room with a sound system and art on the walls

Music has a huge effect on your living space. Sounds contribute to texture and harmony as much as visual decorating accessories.


Image of a sunny living room with a wall clock to enhance the sound in the space

A ticking wall clock is nostalgic to the eyes as well as the ears.

Six Tips for Using Sound in your Living Space

Sound can instantly change the emotion of your living space, for good or bad. These six easy tips will help you use sounds to enhance your living space, and look great while doing it!

Smart Speaker

Technology is making it easier than ever to play and share sounds in your living space. Smart speakers (Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, Sonos One, Google Home Max, Amazon Echo Plus) respond to voice commands and can easily play any kind of sounds you want to hear. Ask your device to play some relaxing beach sounds and instantly be transported to the tropics.

Also, these devices are perfect for playing music! Connect your favorite music app and create custom playlists for any situation.


Image of books on a shelf with a sound system control

Create Sound With Musical Instruments

Making music with others is a fun and creative exercise that also brings unity and harmony in the living space. Musical instruments are multi-use decor accessories; In addition to functioning as entertainment pieces, they look great on the wall when not in use. Learn more about multi-use decor accessories in our previous blog HERE.


Image of musical instruments as decoration and to create sound

Acoustic Furniture Arrangement

Rooms with open floor plans, smooth surfaces and minimal furniture allow sound waves to move easily. As a result, sounds will appear amplified and the overall volume will increase. This is ideal in a family room or dining area where conversation is the main focus. This is also a great way to enhance natural sounds like wind, falling water, or other natural sounds that surround your home. Don’t be afraid to open a few windows and let the sounds of nature fill your living space!


Image of a modern and spacious kitchen that allows sound to travel freely

Sound travels better in open areas. If you desire to increase the volume inside your living space, consider going more minimalistic.

Reduce Noise Pollution

When necessary, we can use our home decor to reduce “noise pollution” from a busy city or noisy highway outside. Soundproof windows are effective, but can be costly. Large potted plants are great natural sound reducers that are easy on the budget. Place several on your balcony or near a window to absorb noise from outside. Carpets, drapes, bookshelves, and paintings can all act as baffling materials to suppress unwanted sounds from outdoors. Utilize a combination of these sound mitigation techniques to find the perfect acoustic balance for your living space.


Image of a beautiful living room with books, rugs and surfaces that help control sound levels

Plants, bookshelves, and sound-absorbing materials work well to control sound levels within your living space.


Image of a modern and beautifully decorated living room that reflects sound well

Wind Chimes Have A Soothing Sound

A wind chime can be a wonderful addition to an outdoor living space. Wind chimes made from wood, coconuts or bamboo will send you off to the tropics with soft organic notes. Aluminum, copper or glass chimes will enhance your deck or balcony with warm metallic melodies.

Have a look at some of these awesome handmade wind chimes available on !


Image of a wind chime to add beautiful sound to your living space

The soothing melodic tones of a wind chime can put anyone into a beach state of mind.


Sounds of falling water are soothing and relaxing. Place a fountain in a bedroom or bathroom to promote a calming environment. Find small, reasonably priced fountains at home stores and dealers online. Choose a style that best compliments your decor theme and personal style. From classical to contemporary, industrial to handmade; there are many styles of fountain to choose from!

Image of clay pots arranged to make a waterfall with a soothing sound

Fountains are wonderful additions to any living space, inside or out!


Learn to utilize sound as a part of your Holistic Home Decor approach and you will instantly be rewarded! In addition to enhancing your living space, sounds can enhance your life!


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