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Ask ZoomShack!

I keep hearing about “Get Back to the Beach”. I hear ‘ya but please tell me more.

Zoomy and Frida hang on the beach in his ZoomShack. He tweets and posts about the cool people he meets and things going on there. The ZoomShack is headquarters for Living Space Transformation help and guidance. The warm tropical sun, the fresh sea breeze, the sand between your toes, are you feeling it yet? That, and the cool vibe and fun camaraderie inspire Zoomy. That’s what he means when he quips “Get Back to the Beach”.

How can I “Get Back to the Beach” every day if I’m not even close?

Ahh, that’s what the Living Space Transformation achieves. Your “beach” might be “the mountains”, “the lake”, or “the river”. In other words, the place you go to renew your spirit. It brings the essence of the beach into your living space. You feel it and are inspired by the transformation.

What makes the ZS Tools different from what I can buy in a hardware store?

It isn’t sold in hardware stores. You can only get them directly from Zoomy in the ZoomShack. The ZoomShack tools are in a different league from anything you’ve ever seen. The tools are beautiful and intelligently designed, specifically for interior use in urban apartments and condos. Attention to details like user ergonomics is evident in use. They feel balanced in your hands. The tools and the Launchpad work together as one – you get the painting job done without drama. The ZoomShack Tools are sold as a kit.