Your Living Space Transformation Begins Here

This is easy. You’ll love the results. Your living space transformation begins now.

Start Your Living Space Transformation

What You Need

❶ A Plan – the simpler it is the better. And here it is – Zoomy’s Trilogy of Transformation℠:

  1. Colorize your space.
  2. Organize your space.
  3. Maximize your space.

Now, get going with it. Look around and eliminate the stuff that you don’t need. Part of your transformation is simplifying your life. Get rid of the clutter. Feel better already – amiright? Now, make a few more decisions. Do you want to upgrade or keep the furniture you have? Change out some of your wall hangings? Get rid of that stuff in your closet? Small, colorful throw rugs can make a huge difference. Consider your lighting. Add some lamps where you sit and work – “task” lighting helps keep the mood bright. Here is a tool you can use to get motivated and get it done fast.

❷ A Goal – procrastination is your worst enemy. Decide on a two day period – the weekend or two consecutive days off of work. The sooner the better. Get family or friends to lend a hand – throw stuff out or trade it in the Beach Bazaar™. Do you want to do it on the cheap or spend a little bit of money to upgrade? Remember, your goal is to create an environment that makes you feel better. It will make a huge difference in your life!

❸ A ZoomShack™ Kit – this is essential to get the colorizing part of your transformation done fast and painlessly – while having some fun doing it. Yep, this is painting your place. But wait, it’s a good thing. If you haven’t already been motivated and your fears put to rest by Zoomy’s guidance, then check out Zoomy’s blog and he’ll get you up to speed quick. Zoomy has created a quick guide to colorizing your space. Now is the time to use it.

How Much You Need

❶ Time & Moneyyou have control over this. If you decide to keep your existing furniture and decorations, your expenses are mostly a ZoomShack™ Kit and paint. You can easily do a Living Space Transformation℠ in a weekend.

❷ Help here’s where Zoomy comes in. He gives specific guidance and inspiring motivation on Twitter and Facebook. Look for tutorials on YouTube and here on the website. The Living Space Transformation is fun and awesome for you and your living space. You will be proud that you did it yourself and inspired by the results. Your friends and family will be impressed. By the way, any help you can get from those guys will be great.

❸ Paint & Stuffestimating how much paint you will need is simple. Use Zoomy’s Paint Estimator to quickly calculate the paint you need. Since you are using a ZoomShack™ Kit, you’re ready to go!

You’re Ready to Start

Use your plan, your Trilogy of Transformation. Step 1) Colorize. Followed by 2) Organize then 3) Maximize.

Colorize – your Living Space Transformation℠ simplifies color choices. You want to create an environment that reminds you of being at the beach – right? OK, that’s what Get Back to the Beach℠ is all about. So, the logical color choices are sunny, bright and inspiring. Zoomy has created a Color Selector that let’s you make choices fast. And choices that will help transform your space into a happier place so you can Get Back to the Beach every time you come home.

Organize – de-clutter and discard stuff you don’t need or want anymore. Follow Zoomy’s advice here.

Maximize – re-purpose things you want to keep. Follow Zoomy’s advice here and here.

ZoomShack Tools Help You Get Started and Finished Faster

It’s Easy the ZoomShack™ Tools are awesome! But Zoomy is keeping a tight lid on information until they are ready for sale. These tools are game changers. The ZS tools are designed specifically for interior use and come in a kit ready to go. If your place has up to 10ft. ceilings you won’t need a ladder. In fact, for most people, you won’t need much of anything else to colorize your living space. And not much of your energy will be needed as well. The ergonomic features are designed to reduce user fatigue and get the painting over in up to 50% less time than “regular” painting tools. You will be impressed. And you will be thrilled with what you accomplish.

Get Back to the Beach℠

When you finish your Living Space Transformation, you can Get Back to the Beach℠ every time you come home! It’s awesome.


Let’s Get Started!