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Your Living Space Transformation Part 3: Time To Transform

February 3, 2017

“Transform your living space into a place that reflects your creative inner-self!” – Zoomy

Ready to Transform Your Living Space? Let’s Go!

If your New Year’s Resolution was to transform your living space into something amazing that reflects your current tastes and life style, follow our tips to help you think like an artist and create what our ZoomShack team calls a Living Space Transformation.

In this third segment of our 3-part series, learn how to put all your ideas and visions into action to transform your living space into a place you really love!

image of sample materials and ideas to transform your living space

Put it all together and transform your space with new style and colors!

In Part 1, Your Living Space Transformation, Visualize Like an Artist,  we shared visualizations to help you see what you want to change in your living space. Decisions like deciding what to eliminate and what new things to incorporate. A revelation that you need a cozy reading nook could help you clarify your desires and assist you in making an effective plan.

Next, in Your Living Space Transformation Part 2: Find Your Creativity, we encouraged you to excite your senses by viewing art,  listening to new music, taking walks in nature, and even sampling the most delicious dark chocolate you can find (in the name of expanding your creative taste buds!).

And now, If you’ve been following along with us, how are you doing with your Vision Book? Is it chock full of photos, brochures, and images? Have you clipped out examples of paint colors you like?

Finally, in this part 3 blog, let’s look at how to put your plans into action.

image of a bright green cloth color sample of the Pantone color of the Year to transform your living space

Use Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year to help transform your living space

Transform Your Space – Taking the Plunge!

There comes a time, after imagining, exploring and gathering information, when an artist finally commences with the actual act of creating his/her art work. Similarly, after you’ve thoroughly considered how you want to redesign your space and have collected inspiring examples, it’s time to start your transformation!

Seeing What You’ve Got

First of all, take out everything you’ve been collecting in your design folder and lay it out on a large surface. Now group things into categories of wall color choices, furniture ideas, curtain samples, etc.

Carefully study the photos, notes, and material you saved online. Notice the colors and styles of furnishings you’re attracted to and reduce your choices to two or three options.

The Ultimate Color Combination Cheat Sheet below is a terrific resource for determining complimentary color combinations you might use in your transformation.

image of two color wheels illustrating color combinations you could use to transform your living space

Use Ultimate Color Combinations Cheat Sheet to transform your space

Transform Your Space – Make a List Of What You Need

Your first step is to choose your color palette. Use the free Color Palette Generator found in Take note of what you already have that matches your color plan, or what could be repainted to fit the new look. Finally, make a list of items you need to replace or purchase.

Especially relevant is that bookcases, bedspreads, rugs and desks can be found at garage sales, second hand stores or through Craig’s List. Furthermore, there are often “White Sales” in major department stores where you can score on some major savings on sheets and towels.

Another useful resource for contemporary home-ware designs is found at Target. Also search the sales tables at Anthropology. In addition, take a friend along as a sounding board and to help you narrow purchases to those that fit your design plan.

Want to browse online? You can find a terrific range of places to shop in this BuzzFeed article, 33 Places To Shop For Home Decor Online That You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner.

image of a boy and girl in a two level small space as an example of how to transform your living space

Transform a small space into one with personality! Image by John Clark/

Transform Your Space – Letting Go of What You Don’t Need

It is important to source and curate items. It’s just as important to eliminate what no longer belongs in your re-imagined space.

Before you begin painting, remove Everything from the room. Then place it back in the room only if it fits your vision. Give away, sell, recycle, and trade the rest. Embrace the rule: “If you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it.”

This is truly a great application of Less is More! Consequently, you’ll feel so much lighter when you do!

To get a handle on simplifying, read Joshua Becker’s 10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home.  Additional tips are mentioned in our blog entry, Enjoy Beach Benefits In A Living Space Transformation.

image of colorful and simple decorative items to transform your living space

You can transform your living space easily and simply.

Trilogy of Transformation

You Can Transform Your Living Space In One Weekend!

You can leisurely implement the design ideas you’ve gathered or you tackle the project in one long weekend. Either way, you can accomplish your Living Space Transformation using the Trilogy of Transformation  below.

COLORIZE: Paint the space.

ORGANIZE: Eliminate what you no longer need.

MAXIMIZE: Place only the things that fit your new vision BACK into the room along with any new decorations!

We’d love to hear from you. Please post photos of your Living Space Transformation on Zoomy’s Facebook Page.

Please share your Before and After stories and photos!

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