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Trilogy Of Transformation – The Interview

November 1, 2016

“Here’s a Living Space Transformation from start to finish – you’ll learn why the Trilogy of Transformation is a game changer. Tips, tricks and money saving ideas”- Zoomy

What is the Trilogy Of Transformation?

Zoomy and Frida give you guidance for your Trilogy of Transformation

The ZoomShack is headquarters for the Trilogy Of Transformation

The Trilogy of Transformation may sound like the title of Michael Bay’s next Transformer movie, but it is actually a phrase coined by Zoomy, our spokes-character. It’s the easy and fast way to get your Living Space Transformation completed quickly and inexpensively.

Zoomy and Frida live on the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They know first hand how beneficial the beach environment is to people’s well being. And soaking up the sun, breathing fresh air, listening to the sea, and appreciating tropical colors makes people feel invigorated.

They also believe if the visitors he sees on the beach could hang on to those great feelings and put the essence of that into their living space back home, their daily lives would be so much better! And science is finally catching up to Zoomy’s observations – read some of that research here and here.

Colorize, Organize, and Maximize

Trilogy of Transformation Before and After

Trilogy of Transformation produces amazing results


The centerpiece of Zoomy’s Trilogy of Transformation philosophy is defined by three elements: colorize, organize and maximize. Working with these elements, and the tools and motivation provided at the Zoomshack will help you create a unique space that reflects your inner-self and lets you Get Back to Your Beach every time you come home.

Introducing a Living Space Transformer

It’s our pleasure to share Melodie W.’s amazing Living Space Transformation of her master bedroom. As a Kansas City area graphic designer Melodie brings creative zest to her work daily, but was stuck when approaching her bedroom upgrade…..until she used the Trilogy of Transformation tools! Read her interview here to get ideas on how you can redo your room or apartment easier, faster, with less fuss and effort!

Melodie’s Living Space Transformation – Here’s Her Story

Bedroom in need of Trilogy of Transformation

Trilogy of Transformation to the rescue!

Describe your project: Our master bedroom was in desperate need of a transformation; in three words it was Dark, Dated & Cluttered.  We have a full house right now and I wanted to create a retreat…someplace that was just ours and was bright and welcoming.

What did you do to avoid digging into the project? Anything and everything, but once I got started it was easy to keep the momentum going.

What was your impetus to actually get started?  I needed a vision of what I wanted to do in the room and then it was easy.

What Living Space Transformation tools helped you, and how?  Zoomy’s blog was very helpful in getting me motivated. It made me understand how important environment was to our overall health and wellness. My husband and I love the ocean and Zoomy’s advice helped me bring that feeling we have when we’re on the beach, home to our little place in KC.

Colorize – More Than Just Painting

inspiring colors are an important aspect of your Trilogy of Transformation

Use colorful decorations to enhance your Trilogy of Transformation

What did you actually do to the space? I started with an inspiration piece, the headboard which I spray-painted teal.

I painted the ceiling two shades of blue. Then I painted the brown walls white, which dramatically changed the look of the room and made it appear larger. Lastly I put a fresh coat of white on the crown molding, trim and doors.

I searched until I found the perfect bedspread and pillows and drew my accent colors from there. Also I installed cellular shades and moved the curtain rods up just below the crown molding and installed longer curtain panels. After a bit of looking, I found a unique dresser at a consignment shop. For accents I added a palm to the room and re-potted a snake plant that I had in my kitchen.

 Organize – Make Your Plan

What social media aids/ websites did you use to inspire you?  Pinterest is my favorite site for inspiration. It helped me find the things I was looking for whether it was a style, something to buy, make or just advice on how to do a particular thing.

What suggestions or tips would you give someone who wants to transform their space?  Work in stages, moving everything out of the room. I did all the painting and then slowly put everything back, taking care not to put back anything that did not fit in the design.

Your Trilogy of Treansformation can be done inexpensively

Finding furniture was fun.

Maximize To Make Your Life Better

Do you notice that you feel different when you’re in the space now? Absolutely, I feel more calm and content, it’s like I know there is nothing to do there but relax.

Are you using the space more/differently after the Living Space Transformation (LST)?  Yes, we definitely spend more time in this room now.

The Magic of a Trilogy of Transformation – A Bright, Relaxing Oasis!

Use three words to describe how the Transformed Living Space feels to you: Clean, organized and relaxing.

How happy are you with the results? Extremely happy!  It looks amazing! Updated, bright and beautiful! The colors are very calming, perfect for a bedroom.

Final Thoughts

What comments have you received from friends or family? Everyone loves it! They can’t believe it’s the same room!

Please share any things that surprised you about the engaging in the process of the LST: I was shocked at how much clutter I actually had in that room!

Describe any feelings of empowerment you experienced having completed the project. I did everything myself, including the electrical so I feel pretty awesome!

How to Get Started On Your LST!

If you want to jump into redecorating your place, but need some motivation to overcome procrastination, receive some innovative ideas from our blog post, Procrastination; 11 Practical Ways To Defeat It

You can be inspired in a fun way, with this video The Science of Procrastination – And How To Manage It, that we have on our September Blog Post: Procrastinating Sucks! Here’s How to Defeat it.

And check back to the ZoomShack website.  We will be updating our content to give you great ideas about transforming your living space so you can Get Back to The Beach, whenever you come home!

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