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Wall Decor – A Simple Way to Bring Beauty Inside

December 26, 2017

“Blank walls are OK in some places but not your living space. Here are six easy and inexpensive options to make your walls reflect your personality and jump start a sense of aesthetic adventure.” – Zoomy


Living spaces are defined by the walls which enclose them. Walls define the space’s boundaries, provide shelter from the elements, and contribute to a sense of security and privacy. Although practical, walls aren’t always the most aesthetically pleasing on their own. Thankfully, we have tons of cool wall decor options that can transform those boring walls in a flash!

Wall Decor Transforms Your Living Space

Displaying wall decor is a simple and effective way beautify the home, and is an integral part of our Holistic Home Decor approach. Wall decor can be the main focal point of a room or act as a subtle decor accent. For some ideas and tips for selecting other decor pieces, check out our previous blog on Decorating Accessories.

In this Zoomshack blog edition, we discuss six items that will instantly make your space more livable. Use the following ideas together to create a unique and interesting decor theme that you and your guests will love spending time in.


Image of two comfortable chairs facing each other with a photo to enhance wall decor.

Maps Add Adventure To Wall Decor

Maps are a simple, inexpensive, and striking wall decor option. This simple addition adds subtle hints of sophistication to your living space decor without overdoing it. Consider hanging a framed map on the wall space near an entrance way.  Maps are great at bringing balance between the outdoors and the comforts of home. Choose a map of a country that you’ve visited, or any area that is special to you. Check out some of the map-themed wall decor available here!


image of an interior brick wall where wall decor becomes adventure with maps on the wall

Vintage maps go well in neutral color schemes, and bring an emblem of adventure to an otherwise plain living space.


image of wall decor using a map. A great conversatioin starter.

Maps are an excellent choice for DIY projects.


Paintings Spotlight Your Aesthetics

Displaying a painting is one of the easiest ways to improve your wall decor. Paintings bring new colors, textures, shapes and even emotions to wherever they are exhibited. Displaying a work of canvas art is a classic statement, and selecting your piece can be a delightful experience. Be sure to check out local art galleries, exhibitions and art fairs. These pieces bring the sophistication of an art gallery to your living space, and help support local artists.

Image of a beautiful hallway has large paintings to fill the space and enhance wall decor

Large paintings fill space and enhance the wall decor.


image of houseplant and colorful framed painting as wall decor

Green plants add to wall decor and work well with colorful paintings


Photo Gallery Wall Decor

A home just isn’t quite the same without some photographs adorning the walls. Portraits of family members, pets, or even your favorite vacation pics will personalize your space and bring warmth into your home. Select diverse frames for an eclectic wall decor theme, or keep it simple and match them all for a clean minimalist vibe. Editing and printing your own photos is simple and inexpensive, which means you can update your gallery at any time!


image of modern room using a cluster of framed photos as wall decor

Arrange framed photos of various sizes to create a unique cluster on the wall.


image of framed photos to illustrate ecclectic wall decor

Different sizes of framed photos with wildly different subjects can work well as wall decor


Fabrics Give Wall Decor Texture

Fabric wall decorations have been around for centuries, and are still compatible with nearly any home decor theme. In addition to adding touches of culture and charm, decorative wall coverings can breathe life to a featureless wall. Bold patterns, exotic prints  and mandala tapestries add splashes of colors and geometric textures. Framing a sheet of your favorite pattern is also a way to display fabrics on your walls. DIY aficionados: here’s a great potential for utilizing homemade wall decor with fabrics!


image of a modern TV room with a woven tapestry as wall decor

Hand-woven textiles add soft organic tones, and contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.


image of metal storage drawers with a coarsely woven piece of hanging art as wall decor

DIY aficionados know there is great potential for wall decor with fabrics.



Unfortunately, wallpaper has a bad reputation for being difficult to work with. In reality, modern wallpaper is a fantastic way to transform an entire living space with little effort. Modern wallpapers are actually quite simple to remove and replace whenever you feel like you need a fresh look. The patterns and textures that wallpaper adds look great and can’t easily be matched with painting techniques. Be careful not to overdo the bold patterned wallpaper! It’s a better idea to stick to a single accent wall for those wall decor projects.


image of family room with dramatic wall decor contrasting with modern furniture

Drama can be produced in a room using different genres of furniture which contrast with the wall decor.


Mirrors Reflect Your Personality In Wall Decor

The reflective qualities of mirrors have been known for centuries. Take advantage of this optical illusion and place a large mirror in a common area to make a small space appear larger. The added sense of depth will help keep you and your guests from feeling boxed in. Decorative mirror frames are also beautiful additions to wall decor and can act as a statement piece themselves. Mirrors also brighten up the living space by reflecting natural light, and can actually save on your electricity bill!


image of living room with fireplace to brighten up the space

Mirrors brighten up the living space by reflecting the light


image of a sparsley decorated room with a mirror to add dimension to the wall decor

A mirror can make an unused wall space come alive with its reflection.


Living Space Wall Decor Expresses Your Personality

Our six wall decor suggestions are tools you can use to express your authentic self in your living space. And choosing the art on the walls carefully can uplift your spirits and create an atmosphere that is uniquely your own.

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