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ZoomShack Holistic Home Decor Tools

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ZoomShack Holistic Home Decor Tools help you organize your personal tastes and ideas into actionable helpers so you can start the transformation of your living space. The Zoomshack holistic approach is simple but effective. You decorate to express your inner self and your senses: smell, taste, feel and sight.  Your Living Space Transformation can make your home a charging station for your mind and body. And that can also transform your life.

FREE Online Home Decor Tools

FREE Online Home Decor Tools Coming Soon

In ZoomShack Store Soon

Here’s What Home Decor Tools Do For You

Color Palette Generator – drop your favorite beach photo into the + area and the colors found there automagically create your color palette to choose your home decor paint colors. Complete with color reference numbers. Viola! The colors from your favorite beach are now in your living space!

image of a color swatch to illustrate the color pallette generator home decor tool

Home Decor Color Palette Generator

Paint Estimator – drop your room dimensions into the calculator and you get the right amount of paint to buy. It even takes your door and windows into consideration so you don’t have to make another trip to the paint store!

image of home decor tool calculator to estimate amount of paint needed for a room

Home Decor Paint Calculator

My LST Organizer – add your colors and the amount of paint you need to your Organizer and fill in the rest of the questions and your off to the store. Nothing forgotten and no time wasted!

image of living space transformation organizer - home decor tool to organize your project

Living Space Transformation Organizer Home Decor Tool

Trilogy of Transformation Guide – an Infographic with step by step instructions for doing your Living Space Transformation over a long weekend.

image of trilogy of transformation infographic home decor tool

Trilogy of Transformation home decor tool to help plan your LST

ZS Colorizing Tool Kit – patented work tools available only in the ZoomShack Store that help get your painting done up to 50% faster than anything you can buy at a paint store. So you can Get Back To The Beach faster.

image of home decor tool colorizing kit shipping carton.

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