ZoomShack Is LST Headquarters

Zoomy & Frida get their inspiration living in the ZoomShack. They'll inspire & motivate you to get your Living Space Transformation started and finished quickly.

“Frida and I live in the ZoomShack on the beach in Playa del Carmen. We meet a lot of people and it’s an eclectic group – old, young, black, white, yellow, brown, red (not just from sunburn). Color and age doesn’t matter, people all have a similar desire to be free and have the opportunity to make their lives better!” – Zoomy


image of zoomshack on the beach with zoomy and frida outside

ZoomShack is home to Zoomy & Frida


Zoomy & Frida Are Your Living Space Transformation Experts

Who Are Zoomy & Frida?

  • Guides that are with you all the way to your LST finish!
  • Provide endless enthusiasm to motivate you!
  • Their experience and wisdom will excite you!
  • Insightful social media postings will enlighten you!
  • Expert Tutorials will show you how to get your LST done fast!
  • Your creativity is stimulated and your LST can help transform your life!
  • The Result – You’re Back to the Beach Fast!

Zoomy & Frida Have Your Back with Support & Guidance Tools

Checkout their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest sites. All created and maintained with one goal in mind – making your Living Space Transformation easy and fast.

How Zoomy got involved with the ZoomShack Tools

Zoomy and Frida live on the beach in Playa del Carmen and experience the positive impact from beach life everyday. The ZoomShack crew met them there and they became friends. Zoomy’s street smarts and creative ability to get things done are impressive and his sense of humor puts people at ease. After a while, the crew shared their idea of the Living Space Transformation concept with Zoomy, he liked it and signed on to the ZoomShack team. The ZoomShack Tools help get your Living Space Transformation done quick. And that fits perfectly into Zoomy’s view on life – Get Back to the Beach – as soon as possible.

Let’s Get Started!